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Mon, 28 Feb 2005

Loretto Reid nominated for Juno

Thanks to Maureen Mulvey O'Leary:

Congratulations to Loretto Reid who has been nominated for a 2005 Juno Award for her CD "Celtic Reverie"! Loretto shares the nomination for Instrumental Album of the Year with Dan Gibson, for his nature sounds.

This is the second Juno nomination for Loretto. In 2004, she was nominated for her recording of The Children of Lir - a retelling of the classic Irish legend for which she composed, arranged and performed the music, and produced the recording.

For those who don't know Loretto Reid (and it's difficult to imagine who doesn't!), she is a multi-talented musician and composer, specialising in whistle, flute, concertina and button accordion. Originally from Sligo, Loretto and her husband, Brian Taheny (also of Sligo and a master of all stringed instruments) have recorded over 10 CDs of traditional Irish music together. They have performed, composed and/or arranged music on over 100 other recordings in the past 10 years. On many of their recordings they have been joined by their son, Leon, and daughter, Rowena Taheny.

You can get Loretto Reid's music at Amazon.ca.

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