Finding Instruments

Most music shops can sell you a tin whistle, a guitar, or a fiddle. To find a bodhran, a wooden flute, a cittern or uillean pipes you might need to look a little harder. There are some excellent builders and specialty music shops in Ontario who can help you. If you are a builder, please contact me to get listed here.

Local Builders

Hammered Dulcimers

Peter Nemeth, Newmarket Ontario Legacy Dulcimers

Fiddles and Bows

Greg Dahms is a fine Ottawa-based bowmaker, who also rehairs and repairs bows, and sells fiddles and strings. (613) 720-2975, gdahms [at] ca [dot] inter [dot] net.


Bob Allan - allanharps [at] hotmail [dot] com - builds harps (4 models), Dulcimers (both lap and hammered) , custom guitars , Bowed Psalteries and Mandolins.
Phone is (905) 823 - 3771 until June 2005 then (705) 549 - 3781.