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Fri, 04 Mar 2005

Downloadable Celtic Music Starting to Emerge

Downloadable music services haven't been really interesting to me up until now, because the kind of music I enjoy hasn't been available. However, that seems to be changing rapidly. According to their website, the Green Linnet catalog is now available on iTunes (US store only), and a quick check shows that at least some of it is availabler on Napster. Even more interesting, the Smithsonian Folkways recordings are now available at their own site - including, for example, Kevin Burke's first recording, Sweeney's Dream. emusic seems to have most of the shanachie catalog, including Solas, Silly Wizard and Steeleye Span.

With all this frantic scrambling to get their catalogs online, there is still a lot of inconsistency between formats, support of Macintosh and/or Windows and whether your own favourite MP3 player is supported. Over the next few weeks, I'll check out a few of them and report back.

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