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Wed, 30 Mar 2005

More Favourites

Barachois - Peter, Helene, Louise and Chuck Arsenault - brother, sister and cousins. Their style of Prince Edward Island Acadien music blended French Canadian and Cape Breton sounds. The group recorded three CDs and toured extensively over nine years before retiring at the end of 2003. Far and away one of the best concerts I have ever been to was one of theirs at Hugh's Room.

One of my favourite recordings, however, is not strictly speaking a Barachois CD, but is a recording of a house party at the home of Eddy Arsenault, father of Peter and Helene. Simply called "Party Acadien", this is great driving fiddle music, with the whole family on various combinations of fiddles, guitar, harmonica and cardboard box. Still available along with the Barachois CDs from the Barachois website.

Thanks Greg J for reminding me of this omission from the previous favourites list.

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